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Dog Spa Treatments

About This Service:

Treat your much-loved pooch to these wonderful all-over enhancing treatments to skin, coat and teeth - an add-on to your usual groom.

All individual treatments are 3 for 2 (cheapest treatment free). Excludes Ultimate Spa Package.

  • Milly's Cucumber & Melon Facial: Made with natural Aloe Vera and Cucumber oils, helps to remove stains and unwanted colouring from around the facial area. Natural, Handmade, tear-free and vegan. £5.00
  • Blueberry & Oatmeal Facial: Mild, tear-free formula containing Blueberry Extract and Oatmeal Colloidal to soothe stressed, irritated, dry and itchy skin. £5.00
  • Dead Sea Mineral Mud Conditioning Treatment: Formulated to keep your dog's coat in beautiful condition, to relieve itchy, dry skin and hot spots. Contains Shea Butter, Moroccan Argan Oil, Castor, Coconut, Olive and Sweet Almond oils as well as Aloe Vera. £7.50
  • Wildwash Magic Paw Balm Massage: A gentle, super moisturising paw treatment using Wildwash Magic Paw Balm. Containing Sweet Almond Oil & Frankincense this treatment will moisturise cracked, dry and rough paw pads and calloused elbows. Made with human grade ingredients that are completely safe for your dog to lick! £5.00


  • The Ultimate Spa Package:

Milly's Cucumber & Melon Facial OR Blueberry & Oatmeal Facial
Wildwash Magic Paw Balm Massage
Dead Sea Mineral Mud Conditioning Treatment
Cleany Teeth Maintenance Teeth Cleaning Session (worth £15.00)