Why Groom? - The Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

Grooming of your dog should be undertaken every 4 - 6 weeks. Regular grooming promotes & maintains the wellbeing of your furry friend & also provides preventative care.

Why groom?

A Healthy Skin & Coat:
Regular grooming should maintain a healthy looking, shiny coat. Brushing the coat promotes good blood circulation & allows improved air circulation which encourages healthy growth. Matted hair can pull on the skin and cause soreness and other issues so regular brushing will help to deter this. Regular grooming also removes dirt and grime from fur and skin.

Detection of Parasites:
At every groom we will check & report back to you for signs of fleas or other ectoparasites (external) on the skin or coat.

Healthy Paws & Nails:
Feet should be free of any matting & other obstructions such as grass seeds which can be found between the paw pads. Long hairs underneath the pads can also be hazardous if not clipped regularly. Overly long nails can have long term health implications as they can cause damage to joints in old age. Regular clipping will help to prevent this.

Strengthening a Bond:
Grooming reduces stress for both dog & owner - a groomed dog which looks, smells and feels good equals a happy owner - & a happy dog in return!