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Puppy Groom

About This Service:

Puppies can be groomed from 12 weeks and as long as it is around 3 weeks after their final vaccinations. It is advised that you introduce puppies to grooming as soon as possible so they understand brushing is part of their daily routine and a regular groom is something not to be fearful of.

A Puppy Groom is an 'Introduction to Grooming' session and some follow up 'homework' plus further sessions may need to be undertaken.

A Puppy Groom will involve a bath, a light brush and fluff dry on the grooming table and being introduced to other unfamiliar sounds and sensations such as scissors and clippers. Where pup allows, tidying of paws, fringe, face and tail may also take place as well as a nail clip. You will then be encouraged to continue daily introduction of these sounds and sensations at home for 2 weeks before bringing your pup in for his / her next session.


  • Small breed pups from £25
  • Medium breed pups from £30
  • Large breed pups from £35
  • Extra Large breed pups from £40

This includes:

After the initial introduction and required homework, the first groom will consist of the following:

  • Light Shampoo and Condition
  • Gentle Hand Drying (low setting)
  • Gentle Brush Out
  • Hand scissor tidy around feet
  • Tidy of paw pads
  • Trim nails (if required)
  • Tidy fringe, face and tail