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Bath & Tidy

About This Service:

A 1 - 2 hour treatment which is best suited to an active dog who leads a busy life! This is a great way to keep your pooch clean, smelling fresh and to keep the coat maintained inbetween a full groom. A Bath and Tidy is most suited to dogs who either have a short coat or longer coats where the owner is able to keep the coat well brushed and maintained either side of a full groom. Short haired dogs such as Labradors, Bulldogs, Dalmations etc will come under the Bath and Tidy service for their grooming.

For a Bath and Tidy, pricing will differ considerably depending on each case. When pricing each groom, the following factors are taken into consideration:
Size of Dog
Grooming history
Condition of coat
Thickness of coat
Medical conditions
Behaviour of the dog


  • Small breeds from £30
  • Medium breeds from £35
  • Large breeds from £40
  • Extra Large breeds from £45

This includes:

  • Natural Shampoo, twice
  • Natural Condition
  • High Velocity Hand Drying
  • Brush Out / De-Shed
  • Hand scissor tidy around feet
  • Tidy of paw pads
  • Trim nails
  • Tidy fringe / eyes
  • Clean ears
  • Fragrance spritz